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   Hi guys Welcome to my Page ,Hope you enjoy reading my blog! My name is D  I was born and raised in Zamboanga,Philippines so yes im a Filipina. I love reading books specially inspirational books and Books about missions. Im a girl who is passionate about the Nations of the World. Im a lover of Cultures, It has always been a desire for me to travel the world not just to to tour but to encounter different cultures,learn about their history and even learn some languages,Most of my travel Adventures in my Blog are Backpacking, Yes I do plan my own Itinerary . I always believe that if your passionate about something, you should create a career out of it.I started blogging few years ago , I started it out of my Curiosity but i was not quite sure of my niches way back then until i was invited to attend some events that was hosted by Department of Tourism that is why i decided to focus on Intercultural blogs that Includes Discovering new places and Learning Different Cultures.If you can see some celebrity post,food post or events post its most of my adventures listen and discovering the life stories of others and develop a deeper appreciation of life from their perspective.
  My Earliest Cultural Awakenings came in when i was 4 years old, My brother used to be a chef in an international Cruise and he always had this Magazines where different countries are being showcased. I was so fascinated about it before that i told my self one day i am going to go to this places. And when i was a kid i love starring at  Globe Key chains and when my elementary teacher would bring a globe in our class i would usually stare at it,My brother Even brought a huge world map wherin i would usually stare at it for a long period of time.

 Journey with me as we reach different nations of the World  <3