My Favorite Destination: Israel

5:34 PM Dee Hajal 0 Comments

    Nation's was has always been in my heart eversince when I was a kid.My brother was  a chef in a European cruise ship before so he has some magazine's where their ship was landing and going for a tour and I was always amazed seeing those pictures from different parts of the globe. One of the country that my brother visited was Israel .My heart was really captured by that place it is the place were The lover of my soul and my personal Savior Jesus Christ was Born and had His journey .

This are the top places that I wana visited in Israel.

1.Tel Aviv-One of the modern places in Israel where you can find beautiful infrastructures and beautiful beaches 

2. Jerusalem- The Capital City one of the historical places in the Israel .This is the place where most of Jesus Adventure Happened.

   3.  Dead Sea-One of the earth saltiest body of water.

 4.   Sea of Galilee-Jesus delivered most of His preaching on the mount on this place.

   We are not required to have visa when visiting Israel but hearing from those who already went there the fair was so expensive it would even cost you 100,000 pesos but I was so surprised with what I discovered, Yes ! A site that offers cheap flight yes it's almost a half when I checked its so amazing  ! Yeah that's true .Fairs and hotel can always be one of the issues why we stop the desires of our heart and wait for a long time for that to happened but worry no more Skyscanner is here to help you on all your delayed travel goals because of expensive fairs for flights .What are you waiting now be favored and blessed check .

       If others can do it why can't I? God said in His word I will give you the nation's as you're inheritance so im claiming and declaring it that one day il possessed that land and Travel With Purpose.

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