The Food Truck Manila is now in Quezon City

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            Quezon City has always been a landmark of good restaurants with  good foods.Food Truck Manila - QC is the newest and first food park along Kamias in QC.Food parks are Awesome. It will never run out of food choices when youre in a food park,The Food Truck Manila QC as it has four storeys of food stalls.  four storeys of food to discover.There are so much to choose from.The good thing about them is they are really for the comfort of the customers like the good ventilation as how they built the roof with a space for air to get in; the roof that will definitely keep customers safe from getting wet when its raining ,.The place is so well lighted and a cool place to hang out with specially for the Millennials out there.

there are   36 food stalls,And they are even offering other entrepreneurs out there if they have a unique idea or things to sell to the people they can go to the last floor and showcase their stuff.they also have live band and comedy shows on the ground floor.

 One of their food stall is Cafe-UK Co the Managing director of the shop and food Truck Manila is Mr.Joni Cabrera and were so blessed to taste their different types of cheesecakes.

Chef Resty's Roast Beef Carving Station DLSU's famous Chef Resty's is available at The Food Truck Manila QC with their best seller Roast Beef Rice Meal that comes with Penne with Pesto Sauce and corn and carrots.

They also have the very famous Goto king and Grillax: If you love grilled food, may it be pork, chicken or seafood, I suggest you visit Grillax. They also have platters for big groups. they have a lot of stores from Breakfast to Dinner you can chose and select whatever cravings you have Visit them now at  63 Kamias Rd, Diliman, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila, Philippines and for more Inquiries you can call them at +63 2 985 5711

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  1. humm the food seems delicious!!

    Mga Tugon
    1. yeah super visit them when you come here in the Philippines .