Former PBB Housemate Kisses Delavin launched as a Recording Artist

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I don't do celebrity blogging before because i used to saw different faces of celebrities in church I can even talk to some and (Dony Sister was my student so technically I used to saw Dony a lot before ). But when they said it's Kisses Delavin-Official I said oh okay I watched their episode and I love her spirit and how she motivates the people through her inspirational words. I was so amazed with her Dance Performance yesterday never thought she dances well it's so fierced. Any ways congratulations for her new album it's now platinum.I celebrate with her as a Sister in Christ. I also noticed she has a lot of true supporters from different Regions in the Philippines not just fan supporters but celebrity supporters and she was like close to some celebrities who has older age than her.

I love one of her song entitled "alam Na this"

Simula ng makilala Kay akala koy ikaw at ibang iba ngunit Kay sakit naman malaman kagaya ka nila.Sa umpisa akala ko lahat ay totoo pagdating sa dulo Ang ugali ay Kay gulo.

    To cut it short im so relate with the lyircs i my self has an abandonement life trap like i expect too much from people who i have relationship with but in the end they will fail me but one thing that is clear in my heart people may fail you and leave you but our GOD will never will.

                                      Alam na this by Kisses Delavin (Video by Happy RICH TV) 

                               Here is a video from my  fellow blogger/vlogger He has been actively Twittering and promoting Kisses and her Kissables and you can understand more about why in his previous post.  Subscribe now :)For more Kissables updates, follow me at my Instagram and Twitter.

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