Ms.Pastry Queen Philippines 2017 (who will represent Philippines ) in our country .

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Last September 30 I was invited on an event for competition of Pastry Queen Philippines 2017 . Im always thankful when I meet people from Hospitality Industry.  I don't know what in me in the future but it really imapct my life as I grew up since my brother spends for tuition fees and his a 2nd chef in a European Cruise Ship

      There where two Filipina who competed for the Pastry Queen Philippines 2017 and whoever wins they would represent our country at Pastrie Queen 2018 in Italy this January 2018.

   Two of the contestants gave their testimonies how they reach it to be competing for the Pastrie Queen Philippines 2017

        We where given some pastries to eat during the event.

     It was my first time to attend a party wheirn they would prefer you all sweets though I wanted to taste all of them in vernacular let me say it's "nakakaumay" but the taste are so good .

Psatry Queen 2018 is going to be in Italy this January 2018 and our representative is Chef Janelle Toh

      And this was her peace for the competition it may look like some designs in the house but take note it's a cake haha years its a cake.

    I also met Chef the Director of Academy of Pastry and arts.Thank you chef Richard  Heidenreich for your gift of appreciation , the supper yummy Raspberry cake with a red rose petal on it 🥀 
About him? His a former executive chef of some Sheraton Hotels in Thailand and in Australia, owner chef of the  Mudsen boutique hotel , former executive chef of Rennnaisance Kuala Lumpur , General Manager of the Meilu legend hotel in China and the Director of operations for Academy of Pastry and Bakery arts Philippines🍰🎂🍮 Thank you for believing in The  potential of the Filipinos 😊 if you wanna make your passion you profession be trained by the best 🏋️ #filipinoako #globallycompetitive  @ Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines

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  3. Yah and the foods are so yummy 🎂🍰🍮

  4. This is amazing, especially the beautiful pastries they make. Too pretty to eat :)

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    1. yeap this are from the chefs of the philippines and italy <3

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  6. Thank you for such a yummy trip to the pastry's world with the pastry queen herself...