First Love.

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Sometimes you encounter emotional issues in your life and at the end you might think you forgot it anymore but when it happened again you realized it's your life trap.

Sometimes the person you expect you can lean on and you can run to is the person who will hurt you in the end .The people you expect who will be always be there for you will also leave you.Sometimes you think are they really true or just fake people .

I confessed in my childhood years I usually talk to my pillow when I cry. And at the back of my mind my thoughts said my pillow  cares for me, my pillow received all the tears that I shed .I used to have a lifetrap of abandonment that every time a person will left me I will feel sad and discouraged right away.

One day when I was so hurt because of being left then a friend introduce me to guy who is so handsome,gentle,kind,caring and loving.
Eversince I met him my life started to change.His full of surprises and adventures.He loves me so much .His love is better than life and He always tells me that even though I walk through the valley of death He will always be with me.

Then I find out he was betrayed and left by people he loved too when it was revealed to me I ask my self how can he love like this? His love is so relentless.With him I learned that my Friday trapped was my Sundays triumph everything happens for a reason.

If He did not suffer He could not rise.  I was in that garden so I can swest out all my issues in life and so that my doubts could die and my faith could the way you guys should met Him too.He loves you so much His name is Jesus:) Have you heared of him ?Do you know him? Don't just get to know him but accept and have a personal relationship with Him .He is your first love.

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  1. Beautiful post. xoxo Cris

  2. Hmm we had that kind of sweet guy once in a lifetime tho. Anyway you've asking me about moiturizer on my blog, so far my favorito are nature republic and sensatia botanicals!<3


  3. Thanks a lot :D

    you look amazing my friend :D

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  4. wow, a lot of feelings...

    Mga Tugon
    1. yeah i dont just blog but i wanna inspire <3

  5. I believe in God and Jesus is my saviour. Nice words dear :)
    Anyway, your tassel earrings are very pretty :)