Bancrea Homes Grand Launching

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 Bancrea Homes Grand Launching was last October 17,2017. The concept of Bancrea Homes started when the CEO Mr.Roy Buen was still a sales agent , He saw the opportunity of getting more prospective Clients .He names the COmpany Bancrea Homes , where " Banc Refers to Thier partnership with Banks , while "Rea" stands for real estate assistance
Bancrea Homes envision itself to be providing excellent and comprehensive services to home buyers . They also like to strengthen their core values such as honesty and transparency with their clients and s high level of customer service .

Bancrea Homes is accessible 24/7 to address the various issues and concerns of our Clients to the globe.

Bancrea Homes has strong ties with their partner developer , mass housing developer 8990  Holdings Inc which is best known for urban homes.

Both Bancrea homes and 8990 Holdings inc. are serving mass-produced housing market .They also closely work with government financial institutions such as Pag- Ibig fund and the National Home Mortgage Financing Corporation.

BANCREA HOMES INNOVATIVE FEATURES 1.Financial Literacy Training for first time Home buyers - Home buyers will undergo a basic financial literacy education before buying a house.
2.Documentation and Taxes assistance-They have formed knowledgeable team to help home buyers with documentation and taxes requirements.
3.Area 24/7 live chat - A dedicated live chat to address the clients concern around the clock.
4."E" refer kita app" - It allows every Juan to refer a slaves lead check the status of their referral, and eran a commission lead.
5.Pabahay Program - They partner with various employees aquire their own homes.
6.Free franchise for Local and International Broker- We encourage property brokers and agents to start their own brokers franchise at no cost.
7. LEAD Generation and exchange services - They have a dedicated CRM for real estate professional s, powered by Aggrego .io ,to organize and track sales leads and manage their network of brokers and agents.
8. Book a tour Via Ride- Sharing App for free - Schedule your site visit at your own time and ride for free.
9. Exclusively Leasing Assistance- Transform your new home into an income generating asset.
10.Home buyers and Partners Rewards- Enjoy exclusive deals from our industry partners.

Convert your property into a working capital .

Call them at : (02)8835216/093514442724/09215771664

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