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       Sorry for being lazy this past few days in updating my blog. As a come back  i wana feauture my own hometown in my blog, the Asia's Latin City, Zamboanga City. News are everywhere about this city ,news about terrorists and news about bombing but only few people knew that this city is really  rich with beautiful places,rich in islands and beaches and not just that, Cudad de Zamboanga is also rich in History, as they said Zamboaga is called "Orgullo de Mindanao" (Pride of Mindanao) .

                           Here you can find South sea pearl's and bought it for just 5000 pesos.

  I bought a friend from Manila to witnessed the beauty of the City, at first she was hesitant because of the news that she was hearing but when she arrived at the City, She was amazed with the Airport , on its vintage designs and latin signboards , she was alzo amazed with the City Hall on its Vintage Architectural Design. She said it was trully a wow experienced for her.

    My friend from Manila got even amazed when we went to Sta Cruz Island the only Pink Sand in the Phillipines.

Facts About Zamboanga City

Zamboanga was chosen as the site of the Spanish settlement and garrison on La Caldera (now called Barrio Recodo).[12] Zamboanga City was one of the main strongholds in Mindanao, supporting colonizing efforts in the south of the island and making way for Christian settlements. It also served as a military outpost, protecting the island against foreign invaders and Moro pirates.Zamboanga became the main headquarters of the Spaniards on June 23, 1635 upon approval of King Philip IV of Spain, and the Spanish officially founded the city.[14] Thousands of Spanish troops headed by a governor general from Spain took the approval to build the first Zamboanga fortress (now called Fort Pilar) in Zamboanga to forestall enemies in Mindanao like Moro pirates and other foreign invaders.[15].


   If your in Zamboanga you might not want to missed out the Seafoods like crabs, and also the famous Dessert ,the Knicker Backer and food from our Muslim Brothers , Pastil and Satti.

Ciudad De Zamboanga is Located in Mindanao,Philippines, #makeitCiudadDeZamboanga #ValeElZamboanga #itsmoreFunInZamboanga

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    1. sure march ako balik for good :D tEll mo lng when you want go <3

  2. Mi Ciudad is truly beautiful. There are still so many discoveries to be made! =)