Healing Conference 2016

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           "I dream of raising up an army of healers from ordinary believers." - Pastor  Hiram G. Pangilinan

I was really blessed to attend the Healing Conference last July 30. GOD was really reminding us with our Identity and our authority in Him. He said in Mathew 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.  I was reminded by what happened to me last time ,He is truly our healer,His love is greater!Mighty in Power,He is far more better than life. 
This past few days the word "times of refreshing" was really real in my heart,experienced being hurt consecutively by people who are closed in my heart.but in my heart GOD is faithful i really dont have the reasons to backslide just because of that,i was working in a ministry,wherein we are asked to minister 80plus people a day it was kinda tough since you dont have the authority to chose whether you will minister to a guy or a girl and you cant even choose what issues will you cover,yes its fulfilling and my first impression to that is "ayy mag advice kalng naman" but i did find it so hard since everyday i need to compose my self and tell my self not by might not by my power,i wont let my emotions control me and this was even the time when i was really hurt then i would minister to people who has the same issues with what i have and even more than that,people who has mental conditions,suicidal,anxiety,and even people who are even involved with witchcraft, one time i was talking to a person she vent out all her issues in life like depression,anxiety, all about emotional problems,In our job it is a must for us to recite at least one verse that is corresponding to her issue,so i recite about may the joy of the lord be her strength,may GOD restore to her the joy of her salvation and may GOD gave her a time to refresh and that GOD is greater than her heart. Then while reciting that, i felt it in my heart that those are the words that i really need in my life . my heart was really crushed that time like my cry to GOD is, GOD i know that you would restore to me what the enemy has stolen and the battle is yours!!!.Then while i was reciting the verse, she shouted( " what's was that ??whoaaa hallelujah JESUS!) I" said " huh yes ___?she responded that something came out from her back and she mentioned ( " hallelujah i think GOD is healing i forgot to mention you i have this sickness in" ).So i told her healing physically?then she told me that while we where praying GOD healed her from her back pain and she even mentioned about that sickness and ,,then i was kinda surprised since our prayer was not really more on physical healing she did not even mention to me that she's experiencing a pain. Truly there is power in the name of JESUS! . then lately my friends are asking me if would attend the Healing Conference i would just reply let's check my schedule.Then light network asked me if i wanna cover the event for my blog,at first i did not reply them back. then my coach told us again, this time in my workplace, where giving away tickets for the healing conference it our rest day at the back of my mind"lord naman kulit mo" hehehe . then earlier when a pastor told the people to look for a partner that you did not know and activate the annointing of healing , i was partnered with a woman who has a breast cancer at the back of my mind again "LORDDD naman hehehe" at first we decided that il be the first to pray for her, then instruction of the pastor was to command for healing,then the 2nd round is wherein this time my partner would get to pray for me, surprisingly the pastor instructions was to release joy ahahah then when my partner just started to pray then suddenly unspeakable joy just came in to me that i could not even control my self but to laugh and laugh i was kinda holding my stomach na since i could not really control it,then after that i asked the woman what church are you?she mentioned it. just so you know the church the she is attending was not even known who walks in signs and wonder and i have a lot of friend's who are attending in that church they do not even believe that gift of tongues is still existing, the woman just went to the conference because she is in a desperate move to receive healing from her cancer,she even think that the way i laugh is my normal laugh haahaha Truly these miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: .His love is truly amazing! It His delight to Heal us and to just love on us that is the nature of our Daddy GOD :')There is power in the name of JESUS !!!


                             Pastor Allen on the foundation of healing.. "It is God's nature to heal"

                                                    Pastor Millard on sustaining the gift of healing..

                                         Pastor Ruel on why sometimes healing don't happen.. 

                      Pastor Hiram on Raising an army of healers..

                                                       Aicelle sang her heart out for Jesus..

                                             Host for that Day Asia's Diva Dulce and Mandy Ochoa.

 Thank you CBN Asia for the tickets and this is also brought to you by"LIGHT NETWORK Channel 33"  as one of the official media Partner. to GOD be all the Glory.

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