Independence Day Resurgence

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"Resurgence"as i was searching for this word i find out that this means -

renewalrevivalrecoverycomeback, reawakening, resurrection,reappearance, reemergence, regeneration

 20th Century Fox Independence Day is now playing on the Cinema. This was Directed by Roland Emmerich .the Cast was mix of old and new stars.the First Independence Day movie was played last 1996 and i think i was still on my elementary days that time. my dad always watched it several times so i have no choice to watch it all over again so i was really blessed to be a part of the Block Screening of Independence Day at Resorts World Manila last June 22.this was brought to you by PMCM Event's management,,and of Course Resorts World Manila.   This is also brought to you by"LIGHT NETWORK Channel 33"  as one of the official media Partner. 
  The Special Effect's where really good i love what the Former President say's in the movie about Victory! "
We all have to fight till the very last breath and that would lead us to victory. we must have a heart of a warrior! "- President Thomas Whitmore (Played by Bill Pullman).

  The story revolve around 3 Frind's since this was the continuation of the First Movie in 1996 so one of the Main Character's was President Whitmore Daughter Patricia Whitmore (Played by Maika Monroe), Her fiance Jake Morisson(Played by Liam Hemsworth) a a U.S pilot.serving as a lieutenant in ESD. He grew up in an orphanage after his parents were killed in the first attack and later joins the military to become one of their best fighter pilots,and Jessie Usher as Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, the stepson of the now-deceased war hero Steven Hiller (Will Smith's character in the previous film) and Jasmine Dubrow, and a pilot and captain in ESD.

  The special effect's was really good. it was not a horror film but you will really shout with the effect's it was really a good experience though they are fighting with aliens you can really feel the victory from nations to nations. i was amazed when there was a part of the movie wherin people are shouting and celebrating for victories i will not tell you the whole story but it's still showing on cinemes so what are you waiting for go and grab your self some popcorn and Watch Independence Day the Resurgence now.


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