Famous Belgian Waffles.

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 I had a privileged of doing a food review with the Famous Belgian Waffles. it's so creamy and yummy! it's crispy on the outside and soft in the inside with various filings to choose from.you can see it everywhere from workplaces,schools,terminals etc. people are really willing to wait just to have a taste of this famous waffle, . i remember when i was in my workplace and we have a cart of Famous Belgian Waffle and i was so into it that i realized that i almost lost  my money. when i went to Baguio saw one cart in the terminal and instead buying some of the Delicacies in Baguio i still buy myself a famous Belgian waffle.
                                                                     Blueberry Cream Cheese Waffwich   

                                                                    Mango Peach Waffwich

                                                                         Smores Waffwich Waffle Sandwich 

  I also had  a privileged in meeting the Brand owner's of the Company. according to them they have 300 plus store's  nationwide. Innovention Food Asia Co is the proud operator and owner of Famous Belgian Waffles .The Famous Belgian Waffle has pioneered the waffle sandwich in the country.

For franchising inquiries you may reach them at 
Through Phone:4704083
Through Fax:4704083
Through Email:  famousbelgianwaffles@gmail.com; escezar14
Website: http://www.famousbelgianwaffles.net/
Facebook: Famous Belgian Waffle
Instagram: famousbelgianwaffles

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