Jeremy Jauncey: The man behind one of the world's most popular travel inspiration accounts on Instagram, Beautiful Destinations.

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     Last May,19 2016 i was privileged to meet the "Hottest Male Traveler on the Planet"  Jeremy Jauncey . He is the brains behind the company Beautiful Destinations.they have 6.2 million followers worldwide.Ask me about my dream jobs?i think this guys have it! to travel and expose the wonders of the world! i was so amazed on how they promote beautiful spots around the globe ,using the latest technology.they are currently working with the Philippines's Department of Tourism (DOT) to promote some of its top destinations., DOT announced that their partnership with the social media agency will bring a boost to the tourism industry in the country.These include Cebu, Bohol,Palawan, Manila and Pangasinan. together with Jeremy is His brother , Tom Jauncey a travel done pioneer ; London's top Instagram travel photographer and videographer, Jacob Riglin; celebrity videograopher for American DJ duo The Chainsmokers,(worked with Jonas Brothers) Sam Kolder; and world-renowned iPhone-only photographer, James Relf Dyer. Different personalities from the media where so excited to finally meet them and ask them some few question. they where asked if what is the best place in the Philippines they said it's El Nido Palawan, Jeremy was also asked if when did he start to have passion in travelling and he said it's in his blood since his father is a photographer and he lived in different parts of the world like Scotland, London and Newyork!. He was even asked if his single haahaha. and he said yes and he does not have any preferences on what girl should he chose. I hope he can showcase more of the Philippine Destination since i believe we really had a lot of beautiful destinations from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. #itsmorefuninthePhilippines #travelph the event was sponsored by Lucky Rainbow Restaurant It's a Hongkong and Chinese Restaurant and  they've got chef's from Hongkong and China,  another sponsor is Supremo Grill and Belo Medical Group. 

   This is also brought to you by"LIGHT NETWORK Channel 33"  as one of the official media Partner. 

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