Stoops Bagnet Ilocos - A must try Ilocano Dishes

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The inspiration of putting up Stoops Bagnet Ilocos, a restaurant serving authentic Ilocano cuisine stemmed from Jay Seneres' aquired taste and craving for Ilocano Food. He was then working for an airline company.Upon the invitation of His good friend and co-worker Galen Cid , they would spend vacations from work at Bacarra, Ilocos Norte , Galen's hometown , Galen's mother would cook Adobo ilokano, igado, dinengdeng at pakbet from fresh meats and vegetables for them. Jay was introduced to bagoong with talbos ng kamote, kamatis and lasuna (ntive onions) - to empanada, sukang lloko , longganisa atbp. And the most of them all-the bagnet Jay was hooked.

In Manila, Jay would search for restaurants serving Ilocano food-but found no good ones.Frustrated , he suggeted Galen that they opened an Ilocano Restaurant . The two friends just agreed that they just need a good business plan.  a good product packaging and a good presentation for the concept to materialize . Still keeping their airline jobs. they decided to go for it! They came up with the theme "Stoops Bagnet Ilocos" . "Stoops" is actually a funny moniker they and their close friends call each other - a coined word that means buddy.

Thus in March 2008 , the first Stoops Bagnet Ilocos fast food restaurant was opened along 1021 Pablo Ocampo St. (Vito Cruz) corner Arellano St. Malate ,Manila. For tow years the first Stoops branch gained a foothold serving good tasting bagnet and other Ilocano Dishes at affordable price with fast and reliable service. Owing to a growing customer following, a second branch was opened in August of 2010 at Malugay St. Bel-Air Makati City . Two more years later , In Febuary of 2012 , a third branch was opened in Legarda St, Sampaloc Manil, For six years the three branches have been in operation under Stoops Bagnet Ilocos Company, a partnership fomer by the two founders.

In May 2014, Jay Senares, realizing the good potential of the bussine decided to franchise the Stoops brand and concept.He formed a new company-SBI Franchise Systems Inc. to handle the franchise business of Stoops Bagnet Ilocos , The corporartion will manage all future expansion of the Brand.

Last April 26 they had their Media and bloggers event. the food was really good at first you will just thinks it's like a normal restaurant but it's not .The food was more on Ilocano Inspired can visit them at 53-1A Visayas Avenue Barangay Vasra Quezon City.or you can contact them at (02)957-5152 /0917 433 3588.

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