Nasugbu Batangas Trip

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   It was an awesome trip with my Friend's. we decided to have a 3 day's vacation in Nasugbu,Batangas unlike other tourist who passed by Tagaytay Road, we decided to take the other way around in Ternate,Cavite City, it was exciting since in Cavite most of the people who are living in Tarnate are spanished influnced as well so they talked chavacano , im fascinated by that since i grew up in Zamboanga City, The Asia's latin City, 

This picture was taken on the boundaries between Ternate,Cavite and Nasugbu Batangas.

Stone's are everywhere in this place.Good for photoshoot .

Finally we arrived on our main Destination. our Target was Really Barnagay Papaya in Nasugbu wherein you can see a lot of hidden wonder's.

After a day in Barangay Papaya we decided to go to the City Proper in Nasugbu City.wherin we visit their public beach . ohh there's no really place like Nasugbu!!!

In our way home we Decided to Visit on of the Yacht Charter's in Papaya it was privately owned by Mr.Manny Pangilinan and thank you lord for giving us the acess to go inside the charter.

One of my Favorite Part in Nasugbu is he waterfall's wherin we had our practice photoshoot in that area.truly it was an awesome experience for a first timer like me.thank GOD for revealing me His wonder's of creation. 

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  2. Wonderful trip!
    You look so lovely :)))