Pleasing people is not my Identity

I think me being not a fan of any famous celebrities or rich personalities is the result how I was raised up by my mom though she's not that rich she always told never chosed friends .I think it started grade 1 that I used to attend socialite parties because of her best friend whos a doctor in the states and has a senator brother in Guam who is one of our country's pride ( yah those are her childhood bff's) so I used to really attend gathering of not just rich but socialites that I can even see the royal family of Brunei correct me of I'm wrong some of those has a Filipino blood. one thing associating with those people thought me never to have a big head or never boast of something  always be down to earth. Even in church while my friends keeps on having pictures with celebrities  and being so proud of talkinh to rich and famous individuals I'm not so much into that if you saw my IG most of the people I follow are Christian personalities who's testimonies encouraged me a lot. So if you asked me why I don't please people that much I think its how I was raises up ?(My mother did not raised me to be ignorant or a pleaser ) I know culture of honor but I think its quite different from pleasing people that  you're so into that but you forgot the unforgotten ones :) #TravelwithPurpose